Bringing Artificial Intelligence to Life

We Teach Machines

Machines can't learn, yet. But, they can be trained. And that is where we come in. We have years of experience in developing Neural Networks and other Machine Learning techniques to harvest the information residing in your data.

Machine Learning is no longer just a buzz word. It is real and it is opening opportunities that companies had never before dreamed possible. It is the same for startup's or those that have been around for hundreds of years, the landscape is changing. We can help you to develop AI solutions either through consulting with you and your existing development teams, developing MVP products from your ideas or a full blown development solution. In an ever changing world of machine intelligence, let us guide you through to success.

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We Build Bots

When we say we build 'Bots we don't mean that we create walking, talking Animatrons capable of cleaning the house or chasing you relentlessly through air conditioning ducts or even wiping out the whole human race whilst failing to climb stairs. We build automated bots that can automate workloads, respond to data inputs and process repeated operations. Whether it is for Google, Alexa or numerous other platforms if you want to develop intelligent, automated response systems to user inputs then we can help you with that.

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We Solve Problems

We solve problems. Big problems. Big, meaty, NP-Hard problem that make you brain hurt and leave you wishing you hadn't started on it. How do we do this? We unleash the power of Optimization Aglorithms on those problems. Nature Inspired algorithms, Genetic Algorithms, Memetic Algorithms, the whole arsenal of things in the AI locker, all tuned and honed in on the problems for you. Our Optimization solutions have been used in a variety of industries. They are an excellent fit for Networking optimization, Route Planning, Scheduling and the fine tuning of massively factored algorithms.

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What can Artificial Intelligence can bring to your business?

  • Reveal insights from your customer data you didn't know existed
  • Automate the repetitive tasks
  • Retrieve the data you need and present it to you in seconds
  • Respond to your customers enquiries with automated responses
  • Understand thousands of pages of text in minutes