About our company

Best team

All of our experts come with years of experience. We have industry experts in Software Development, Serverside, Web development, Database design and can call on teh expertise of some of the world leaders in A.I. Development.

High dedication

All of our development work is carried out by our team of developers based in the Uk. Our company policy is to share the benefits of our success with all of our staff so that they feel reqarded for the work they carry out. But, its not all about the money. Our team have honed their craft through dedication and continue that in the work they do for each of our clients.

Work with heart

Every piece of work is essential to us as we build our own brand and it is only by putting our all in to each projects that we work on do we believe that we will grow. By putting our heart in to each project we believe we will achieve the targets we have set for ourselves.

Our services

Whether it is Automated Bots, Machine Learning for a vast reange of purposes, Deep diving in to Data Science or finding optimal solutions to massively, multi-dimensionsal problems. Creu can help to solve the problem and build the solution.
We have a team of dedicated U.I. designers available to style and build the User Interface for your latest projects. We will talk you through the whole process, user stories, wireframes, initial designs and then the full, final build.
Software projects come in a variety of shapes and sizes from a small web site build to a full scale, integrated application suite. We have experience in building projects of all sizes in a mass of languages and platforms and delivering them tested, on time and on budget for our clients. The complexity of modern software is growing and you can't always hire a team of experts in each field to help you produce the systems that you need. At Creu we are flexible in how we work which means you can be more flexible with how you grow software to meet your needs.