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Information Technology Consultancy

Digitization project specialists

Mobile & Web Development

Scheduling & Optimisation problems

More than 20+ years of providing IT Solutions

Producing complete IT solutions for companies looking to move their systems from paper and spreadsheets to Digital solutions

Web & Mobile Development

Design and Develop the ideal web or mobile solution for your business. Whether it is through Web site or bespoke Mobile Applications we can produce tools to your team that let them deliver faster and more effectively for your business.

System Digitization

Many companies have their processes and data in Spreadsheets and on paper. That limits the flexibility of their workforce to react to changing situations. We bring those systems online and allow companies to reuse and visualise that data.

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We have many years of experience consulting with companies large and small

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Our Exclusive IT Solution Services

Web Development

Web and Mobile solutions to meet any requirements

System Digitization

Migrate your paper based systems to powerful digital solutions.

Complex Optimisation Solutions

Scheduling and Optimization of complex problems through the use of cutting edge AI algorithms

Bespoke Software

We build the solutions that your company needs to progress.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Work with you to Digitize your processes
  2. Web & Mobile application development
  3. Automate your Scheduling systems
  4. Enhance your customer interactions with Chat Bots
  1. Paper and Spreadsheet based processes limit the speed with which your company is aware of change.
  2. Every business delivers more when it harnesses the information it has within its processes.
  3. Enhanced Digitization provides fast, interactive communication channels
  4. Integration with Office 365 and its suite of tools deliver streamlined platforms that Users are already familiar with
  5. Scheduling and Optimization problems can be automated to provide optimal solutions at the click of a button
  1. We start the process by getting to know you and your business. We aim to get to understand your pain points
  2. Next step is to work through some simple prototypes with you to give you options and examine what will work best
  3. We expect the process to be iterative, so when we agree on a prototype we don't just disappear, we build the solution piece by piece and ensure that we are building what you need at each step
  4. As we progress through the development we ensure that our systems integrate with yours. Making our systems available for you to test on site and ensure a smooth transition for your users
  5. When all is complete the systems is rolled out to your User base and we are available at all times to assist and train your Users

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