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Digital Solutions

Digital solutions are not just about making direct replacements of paper based systems. It is about understanding where your current processes can be improved and where they are best suited as they are. We don't aim to sell you something just for the same of it. Our team will look at what you have and work closely with you to understand what can be improved at the least amount of upheaval to you whilst bringing about the most benefit.

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Scheduling & Optimisation

We believe that we are one of a very small number of companies in the area that specialise in Scheduling systems.Our team come with a wealth of experience in developing Stochastic algorithms that can be used to obtain the optimal schedule for a problem domain. Previous projects include automatically devising the most cost effective transportation routes for Fuel cargo vessels. Other previous projects involve detecting Power Plant schedules to minimise the down time during peak periods whilst maintaining the highest level of efficiency. Read More about our Scheduling projects

Web & Mobile Development

Our team build Web sites, Mobile applications and everything in between. If you require a new web site or an entire online e-commerce application then we are here to help build what you need.

Data Extraction & Visualization

DLR Consultants have built our own Data Scraping platform that is able to handle the extraction of data from a vast array of sources. We build out the schedules to fetch the data your company requires and deliver back to you in any method you require to consume that data.

We visualize your data and make it available in different ways for your teams to consume. The data sets can be securely stored in a data stores and then made available through Power BI, Excel or specifically developed Web Applications and anything in between. Whatever way you need to view your data we can help to find a solution for you. Read More about our Data projects