Case Studies :: Automated Bots

Price Providing Symphony Bots

Automated Bots have been built for a wide range of purposes but one that is commonly coming up is for the analysis of interaction between Traders and the pricing engines. Many of our financial clients have moved over to the Symphony platform and this is ideal for the development of automation 'Bots. The SDK allows for the development of tools to process the conversations that flow through the system.

We developed a service 'Bot that listen in on conversations within a specific room waiting for interaction between the Traders and the 'Bot to ask for pricing information on a range of Asset Classes. The 'Bot did not require a specific structure to the instructions it was given, it could make sense of a wide vocabulary of instructions to extract the type of deal that was being requested along with directions around date, expiry, pricing and strike data. The Bot would then interpret this and direct the data through to a REST API system to fetch the pricing information. The 'Bot acts as a bridge between the Trading desk and pricing engines without the need for inflexible UIs that require extensive development cycles to implement Web or Desktop based UIs.

We are not just restricted to the development of automatons on Symphony, we work with a range of platforms including Google and Amazon platforms.

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