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From Excel Spreadsheets to Mobile Application

A large client of ours had much of their financial processes stored on a variety of spreadsheets dotted between many of the different teams within their organization. When it came to understand their financial risk it was very difficult for management to get a close grasp on where the company was. Years of moving their paper based systems on to Spreadsheets had worked well for them but technology had moved on around them. Now, they wanted to revisit how they worked and make progress in bringing they practices to a position where all of their data was easily accessible to anyone throughout the organisation.

We were tasked with investigating their current work practices and identify different stages of progression that could be made to seamlessly move from where they were to where they wanted to be. As a company we didn't believe that there was any benefit in us imposing ideas upon our clients. We believe that it is important to work alongside the client and make small steps in the right direction. It is a matter of moving with the client so that the process changes bring big benefits with little discomfort.

The solution we developed was to convert the Excel based financial data sheets in to a Web based application that was accessible through mobile and web platforms. The clients datasets were imported into a cloud based database and extracted on a schedule to ensure the latest data was always used. Our developers worked through the business intelligence embedded in the Excel solutions and reproduced them in a Web application that visualised the data sets and also made the same data available to Power BI dashboards that we developed.

By making the company's financial data available through a series of APIs and then giving our clients the flexibility to view their data in anyway they liked, via the flexibility of Power BI and the ever familiar Office 365 toolsets, we brought unprecedented clarity of the Clients business to their management. These changes opened the way to allow other departments within the company to quickly access the information to change direction when unexpected events such as the Global Pandemic hit. Our client has reported to us that if they had not been through this process with us, that when the Pandemic hit, they would have had to spend months trying to fully understand their financial position. Our work to make their data centrally available allowed the business to visualise their situation and respond rapidly and effectively to the unfolding pandemic.

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